MPP SOLAR Comparison of AC Grid and AC Inverter

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I was doing a comparison of my rebranded MPP SOLAR AC Inverter output to AC Grid/Utility output.  In my area (Provincial Philippines), it really made a difference in clean power.  The Utility power can fluctuate up to 70 volts on a 230V 60Hz grid system.  I was wondering if anyone else has this experience or is this normal...?


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    Your utility power certainly looks to be unstable... Have you confirmed this with a volt meter (confirm what the inverter shows) and/or have flickering lights/problems with your appliances?

    If you call your utility, do they come out and measure the voltage?

    Have you confirmed your neighbors' have the same issues... I had a bad electrical connection at my meter socket (a small amount of rainwater had gotten to the wire connection and corroded it, and overheated the wiring/insulation. Everything worked OK, but I had flickering lights at time).

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    Yes I have checked it with a Fluke and another voltmeter.  It's the same.  I added some panel meters just on the inverter side and it always reads just fine...stable.  This setup is in a third world country.  Appliances have a tendency of breaking down because of this fluctuation.  It's like this throughout the region so having a clean power source is hard to come by.  People here buy AVR's to "clean" the energy, but the power fluctuation has nothing to do with that tech so they're wasting their money.  And honestly I would rather do the work myself from the main.  The power company here uses a lot of electrical tape to complete their installs.  Yup.  Sad.
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