Magnum BMK problems

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Looking for help concerning a BMK problem. I found a no comm error on my Magnum remote a while back, I romved the panel cover and found no indicator light on the module and voltage to the power terminals 58 V. seemed simple enough, power no light must be the module. Received the module and shunt, installed the module, same thing removed the blue and orange wires from the module, the green LED came on and the remote lost its no comm error, huh what could go wrong with the shunt? I replaced the shunt same thing. Power to the module and no LED unless I remove the blue and orange wires to the shunt, any ideas?        Thanks Stillchillin

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    I also have  same problem  magna sine tech sad the plug,   I put new plugh   have voltage at plug but no ledlight doesn't  come on. k took blue  and orange  wire off.... red flashes   green comes on then off for  and repeats contestant   now magna sine says send it to them  ...... confused     great forum  excuse  my  typing skills   cheers.
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    Just a thought   how do I test the shunt .    Or  wires coming from shunt  thanks again 
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    A shunt is just a precision, high power, resistor.

    Typically, they are installed on the negative wire to the battery bus (only cable connection from battery to one heavy bus connection). All other devices are attached to the other heavy shunt connection (that way, the shunt measures all the current into and out of the battery negative bus).

    The other two small wire connections are volt meter connections (to the battery monitor). They measure from 0.000 to ~0.050 or 0.250 volts (zero to full scale current). The "cutout" is how they adjust the resistance (if too low of resistance, they cut out a bit more material).
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    • Hi, have since solved my problem, if you have voltage to the module and no LED the module has failed. I got a replacement from a marine equipment supply co for a fraction of the cost anywhere else. The replacement I got first came DOA which I found hard to believe but after several back and fourth emails with tech support they had me send the new one back for testing which I did and they sent me a replacement, That one works fine, I found tech support pretty good although I had to stay on them to get the replacement under warranty. Tech support in WA state and the test facility was in IL I think, There was a bit of a disconnect between the two offices but eventually I got a replacement. Let me know if you need a supplier and I will look back and find the name for you. S
    • PS they said the plug was NG on mine but they were wrong
    18- 235 W Kyocera panel, 12- 4-KS-25PS Rolls 1350 Ah, Magnum MS4448PAE, ME RC50, ME AGS, Outback FM 80, Generac 8KW LP generator, 6.5 Honda Portable generator
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    Wow I'm glad to here your up and running again    I have also just purchased  from  guy I  bought my  system  from a  new module    thank you for your  writing  back  in will let you no when I hook bmk  see what that brings  ...cheers lll
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    Also  thanks BB for taking time to educate  me on  shunt  I am a new at this  you guys are great cheers,,
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