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Found this accidentally, thought it may help someone:


  • unseenoneunseenone Posts: 61Solar Expert
    Well, thanks -- I'm guessing you are an expert on Load Shedding.... :)
  • South AfricaSouth Africa Posts: 294Solar Expert ✭✭✭
    Do not know what the rest of the world knows, but everyone here have become experts, or at least are trying to. :-)

    But please, credit must be given to cANCer (whom are 100% to blame for this mess) whom are forcing us to become backup system experts. :-)

    One of 100's of good articles:

    And the possibility of an increase (requested by the utilities) of +-25% from Jun 2015 onward, with load shedding probably for 10 years from the day they start to fix the grid ... it will become open season for solar / wind / mini grids I believe, leaving the cANCer with even less funds to pillage from. :-)

    O wait, cANCer is against that also. :-)
  • South AfricaSouth Africa Posts: 294Solar Expert ✭✭✭
    It is seriously concerning:, powerring a countries grid using diesel.

    But it is ok, if we are left to fix it, it will be fixed ... if there are no more meddling from the cANCer.
  • unseenoneunseenone Posts: 61Solar Expert
    I've got friends there, I've heard it all. What sort of solar are you running?
  • South AfricaSouth Africa Posts: 294Solar Expert ✭✭✭
    3 x 310w Tenesol panels connected to a Morningstar Tristar 45 controller.
    2 x 200w Tenesol panels connected to a Victron 75/15 MPPT controller.
    4 x 105ah batteries.
    Victron 1600w inverter.
    Victron battery monitor.

    Automated Changeover switch for computers:
    - Utilities is backup for rainy days
    - Batteries backup if, sorry, when utilities and sun conspire to have coordinated load shedding schedules.
    Lights and 2 small fridges run 24/7 on system.

    Ps. Yes, the controllers may be arguing but so far it is working well.
    Was choice between having both controllers connected to same set of batteries or getting another inverter ... took a view that batteries do fail eventually, for now.
    It is a system that started years ago before I learned that do not buy panels in batches ... you will not find more of the same batch later. :-)
  • unseenoneunseenone Posts: 61Solar Expert
    I like the Tristar, that is what I use. Are they sold there? I need to get someone to sort a small system for my friend there.
  • South AfricaSouth Africa Posts: 294Solar Expert ✭✭✭
    Yes. I can try and help. PM me with the details.

    Have recently started selling selected solar controllers / equipment, batteries and Yingli solar PV panels, to people who want to experiment / learn.
  • BisMBisM Posts: 13Registered Users
    Found this accidentally, thought it may help someone:

    Wow this page is rammed with information! Did you write help write all this stuff- great job if you did :)
  • sridharTSsridharTS Posts: 33Registered Users
    If 10.8 kw pv system is installed, my load and energy is 9000watt and 64500 watthr/day. What would be my inverter size be choosen

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