Well Plumbing Parts in Prescott?

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Anyone know where I can pick up well plumbing parts in Prescott, AZ? PEX hose, fittings, pitless adapter, etc.


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    Re: Well Plumbing Parts in Prescott?

    Any wholesale plumbing house (Keller/Ferguson )etc should have everything. Even home depot should have most if the wholesale house won't sell to you.

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    Re: Well Plumbing Parts in Prescott?

    Maybe it's just because I am currently shopping in Las Vegas. Very few places deal with well plumbing. The city hasn't allowed any new well digging in decades. There are a few old wells that have been drilled before the moratorium, or are still on unincorporated county land. Lowe's and Home Depot are worthless here. Larkin Plumbing, THE oldest plumbing shop in Vegas at least recognizes what I need but only carries a couple pieces of what I need. I have a few places left to check tomorrow. I'd like to get all my pieces together before I head down to AZ this weekend to put in my pump. It's too late to mail order parts. If I can't find everything, it'd be nice to not have to hunt and peck around Prescott. I don't yet know that town well enough.
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    Re: Well Plumbing Parts in Prescott?

    how about contacting a well driller in the area of your new build site? He should have a good handle on suppliers...worth the call...

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    Re: Well Plumbing Parts in Prescott?

    Maybe too far for you but I use Sun Pumps out of Safford for all our well parts. They also repaired one of my inverters (control board) while I waited.

    They also manufacture pumps.

    Very fine and hard working company.
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    Re: Well Plumbing Parts in Prescott?

    Thanks for the tips. I tried calling 9 different well companies in the area. Only 4 actually called me back, two too late to be of any help, the others two quoted me astronomical "gringo" prices.

    I took Westbranch's advice and called the guy who drilled my well. Even though he doesn't deal in pumps and the other equipment, he just drills, he was a wealth of information. He told me that the few remaining parts I needed I really didn't need. I was able to get everything else right here in Las Vegas, albeit from about a half dozen different companies, at least 3 through mail order.

    But at least now the pump is in and working! I'll post some pics in a new thread. Step one, of many, is complete. I no longer have to haul water to my property, so now I can start building everything else.
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