Four Seasons warranty claims

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Just a heads up here. I have heard from someone in small wind that Four Seasons Windpower is not honoring warranty claims for wind turbines sold some few years back that are, nonetheless, still within their advertised five year warranty period. I see they still advertise themselves:

Perhaps someone from FSW can come on and clarify this issue. Of course, it should be said that many small wind manufacturers try and wiggle out of warranty obligations by citing "Too much wind, not enough wind, sited improperly, yada, yada" when their own sales brochures make no reference to these issues thus forewarning the buyer before purchase.

Again, anyone seeking to purchase a small wind turbine owes it to themselves to do their own due diligence and understand the risks involved in purchasing a product that either parts may not be available for after 5 years or the warranty is not iron-clad but, in fact, a policy that is interpreted by the whims of the manufacturer and subject to their own cash-flow issues.


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    Re: Four Seasons warranty claims

    We do honor our 5 year warranty, and have on a couple of occasions, replaced the entire system. Dear consumer: Do not bash a company, when you know nothing of us. If someone thinks they can build a better unit, PUT UP YOUR CASH (as I did ALL of my life savings back in the day), open 4 manufacturing facilities, hire a lot of people in manufacturing and engineering positions,....then once the product is developed and tested by a 3rd party testing facility, the product, sell it, and warranty it. It's easy. Right? Everyone can do it. Wrong! You will spend millions before you make your first dollar back. AS DID I, and other LEADERS within this industry. What is the point of this blog????? We are still in business, growing every year, and have entered into supply agreements with some of the largest corporations worldwide. We are now:

    One time, about 4 years ago,...when we incorporated ( as we were not incorporated back in 2005-2009) we sold (4) 2kw's to a gentleman. We inadvertently, our error, shipped the gentleman (4) 1kw's. This was a staff error as most people in our company were new at that time. For nearly 6 months, we took data from the client. I went there, I tested his equipment, and I determined we sent him the wrong goods. WE immediately sent him (4) complete 2kw systems, ate the freight, the equipment, and let him keep the other (4) 1kw systems. Then, we started his 5 year warranty upon commissioning of the correct 4 units. Other systems that were sold back in 2005-2008/2009 were also warranted by the new company. As we did not feel it was fair to not honor the warranty of our previous company, as names change and we expand our services and products, this should not be a weight upon the purchaser. We expanded again in 2012. And our 2013 company honors warranty for equipment sold by the previous company from 2009-2012. So,...please do not say we do not honor our warranty. WE always have honored our warranty, and WE always will.
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    Re: Four Seasons warranty claims

    Fair enough and welcome to the forum.

    Note that the original post is from over three years ago...

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    Re: Four Seasons warranty claims

    This stops now.

    By request of the owners of this site no more discussions of wind company problems will be allowed.
    NAWS (our host) does not sell the equipment in question and is in no way responsible for people's satisfaction with it or lack thereof.

    We will not be trying to moderate arguments between customers and companies. Any further posts of this nature will be deleted immediately.
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