SolarBridge Technologies

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Interesting concept but the site is missing a sales section. Basically, the company is tying micro-inverters to solar panels so the output of every panel is ac not dc. This in their opinion eliminates the issues relating to connecting panels in series. You loose one panel you loose the whole string concept.

I am still new to this work so I thought that I would post this for others opinions?


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    Re: SolarBridge Technologies

    this is not a new concept and has been discussed numerous times in the subject areas of enphase and microinverters.
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    Re: SolarBridge Technologies

    From reading information on their website, it looks like they are providing a 25 year warranty for their inverters. They apparently do not use electrolytic capacitors or MOSFETs in their design. A white paper on their website seems to imply a 100 year design point. They also appear to provide a product which does not require a subscription for panel level performance data monitoring. Both of these seem like differences from competing products.
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    Re: SolarBridge Technologies

    Couldn't you achieve the same with bypass diodes?
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