New-want to learn

Hey whats up every one, Im new to this im really interested
in learning how to build solar panels and just see how it
works..If some one could help me out id really appreciate it
like what I need to go to just and heat a room or any thing
to build and if there is any one around new hampshire that
would show me stuff that be great so could get ideas and
learn as much as I can...

Well I hope to hear back from some one

id really appreciate it alot




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    Re: New-want to learn

    Good Morning Logan,

    You've come to the right place.

    Before beginning consider this: Start with a very small idea and build on it. Say, a small car battery charger system. Don't expect to get gobs of power, expect less than that and you'll be happy.

    The hardest step is to just "Do It". I'd start by gathering some materials laying around like glass, treated woods, and plastics. Build an enclosure for 36 cells in series. See my Ezine page and wander from that to see my design for panels & ideas.
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    Re: New-want to learn

    if you are going for pv then don't expect to come up with a panel that will be both cheaper and equally as good as a commercial panel. of course your diy is warranted by you as you shoulder anything that goes wrong.
    once beyond that have fun building it.

    i do admit to assuming you were after pv and not thermal, but you can clarify that. also know that thermal panels are consumer buildable with good results and you must determine for thermal if by air or liquid and note that some liquid systems in colder climates need to prevent the liquid from freezing so some sort of antifreeze is used. that system with poisonous antifreeze must be isolated from any potable water making efficiency slightly lower due to transfer losses.
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    Re: New-want to learn

    It sounds like you are looking into solar heat... And you work with plumbing and heating. Solar Thermal would be a great project for you to look at... Taking some links from a thread that I will probably make into a Solar FAQ:

    Working Thread for Solar Beginner Post/FAQ
    Solar Shed and other Solar Thermal Links

    From the 2nd link:
    BB. wrote: »
    If you want a do-it-yourself kit... This one appears to be hard to beat:

    Solar Guppy has many years experience with a system from them and has been pretty happy. It does require proper maintenance to keep running well and to prevent problems (like freeze damage).

    There have been a few threads here that link back to several extensive home projects--right down to installation photos, and documentation of mistakes and corrections...

    Link 1
    Link 2

    Fpllow the off-forum links. The several projects/websites highlighted are very educational.

    This is an interesting project for a solar heated shed and a control the guy now sells to support a pure DC off-grid solar heating system.

    And this one is a bit more low tech home made heating system. Also very interesting and informative.

    Between the two above links, they probably give the best detailed explanations of how to do a major home heating/domestic hot water project that I have seen.

    The second one is, by itself, probably not practical for a city home system--but both give great ideas of the scope of such projects.

    Solar Thermal (hot water, hot air) is a good place for Do-It-Yourself projects. You can buy or build the thermal collectors and install them yourself without worrying about the Power Company (a big issue with Grid Tied Solar Electric).

    Obviously, there is the issue of maintenance... Plumbing, tanks, hot water pumps, controllers, leaks, vapor lock, freezes, etc. all make solar domestic hot water a fairly involved project over time.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: New-want to learn

    wow thank you guys so much ive been going over the
    information you have given me and really interested in it
    seems like alot of fun my dad and me are gonna start
    getting the materials an start working on this ill let ya
    guys know how it goes and if I got any question ill be
    sure to ask all of you..that was great saying I was
    probably into heat cause of the plumbing I do haha
    you were right

    well take care

    ill keep posting..Thank you very much
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