Absolyte IIP Batteries for Sale

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I have more of these than needed & need to make some room for other projects. They are type 100A-99 & consist of three individual 1600 amp hour 2 volt cells in a metal case. So if you need 12 volts, hooking the cells in series will provide 6 volts per battery. There are eight of these for sale, and after an equalizing charge , the rest voltage ranges from 2.045 to 2.157 They were manufactured in 1997 & weigh 795 lb per battery. (3 cells) I have a fork truck & can load them if you are local to West central Indiana. If not, we can figure truck shipping. Would like $250 per battery. (3 cells) You can contact me at JM2201@Yahoo.com May have more for sale soon.


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    Re: Absolyte IIP Batteries for Sale

    wish I was closer...8)

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    Re: Absolyte IIP Batteries for Sale

    I will drop the price to $200 per battery + shipping. Freight is about $550 to the east coast from here.
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    Re: Absolyte IIP Batteries for Sale

    I also have absolyte batteries for sale in dallas. they are 100a-51s the label read 2400ah 8hr ? this is my first look at this type of equipment. any suggestions, or questions would be welcome.. judging from other eq. in the room they are circa '95. I have 72 pcs.
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    Re: Absolyte IIP Batteries for Sale

    where are you located and how can I contact you to buy batteries?
    Thank You,
    Phone (858) 486-3282
    EMail: pennockgaryc@yahoo.com
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    Re: Absolyte IIP Batteries for Sale

    This is a very old thread, you will probably need to find a newer thread or wait for a new deal.

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