Harbor Freight 100 watt kit

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Good afternoon.
I’m new to the solar power movement. I’m trying to set up an enclosed trailer with a Harbor Freight 100 watt kit. I would like to find out if it can be used with a Dewalt 20 volt multi battery charger.

Thank you in advance.


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    Does the kit include an inverter? These kits would typically include 12v nominal panel(s) and a charge controller for charging a 12v battery. The 20v charger likely takes 120vac, so you need to add a 12v battery to store the solar power, and an inverter to run the dewalt charger.

    A cheap MSW inverter might work, but I'd suggest using a PSW unit, such as the 300w Morningstar sold by our hosts.
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  • Cachaco310Cachaco310 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Hi Estragon.
    Thanks for the information. Excuse my ignorance. What’s a PSW? I do know I will have to get an inverter and a deep cycle battery. But will this set up be able to power a 20 volt 4 battery charger. I’m setting it up for a disaster response trailer.
    Thank you
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    you need the Dewalt vehicle charger, plugs into the cigarette socket of the HF controller, but it only charges a single Dewalt battery at a time
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    Before purchasing an inverter check with Dewalt if their chargers can work with modified sine wave, many chargers cannot and have a very short life. Read this for more information https://www.novopal.com/blogs/news/sine-wave-vs-modified-sine-wave-which-is-better
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    I'm not sure if a vehicle charger would work well, as voltage from a solar charge controller + battery may have a wider voltage range than a typical 12v auto socket. Current for 4 batteries charging in parallel may also be a bit much for a cigarette type plug.

    PSW is Pure Sine Wave (likely as good or better than grid power). A resistive load like a toaster won't care, but a load like a charger might. See the mcgivor link for more.

    For a disaster response application, I'd err on the side of caution.
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    Modified Sine Wave (MSW) are cheap and those most often found as lighter plug-in's. They can create problems with some electronics and motors.
    Pure Sine Wave (PSW) are current identical to your home and often better!

    As @mcgivor said check with DeWalt! I did back in about 2001. Their current NiCD pod battery charger would work fine on a MSW, I think the model was 1640(from my feeble mind, Don't trust!)

    I Don't think the harbor freight kit comes with an inverter, so you would have to add this. I have no idea if the lithium charger would work with a MSW inverter.
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    My 18 volt DeWalt charger requires 2 amps at 120 volts, or 240 watts. So before buying an inverter, check your charger to see how much power it will have to supply. The power requirements were written on the bottom of my charger.
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    Thank you guys a wealth of information has been provided here. Keep it coming. I’m starting to get even more interested now in the solar technology. Soon I will be moving into my new home and would love to install a solar system on the house. I would like to eventually get off as much as possible from the grid.
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