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Hello people,

The Schneider Conext XW+ inverter has an auxiliary relay, which can be used for several things such as alarms, transfer switch, or generator start.  You can select the triggers to be based on voltage thresholds or state-of-charge.  Everything you need to auto-start a generator seems to be there except "generator cool down".  Is there any way, without using the external Auto Generator Start (AGS) product, to have a cool down period?  

You program the "auto-off" parameter to turn off when the batteries are near full.  Presumably, they're not drawing much current, and therefore the generator has inherently gone through a cool down period.  This is not the case if there is a large load on the AC output circuits downstream.  The XW inverter continues to stay connected to the generator (therefore the generator powers the loads) as long as there is AC voltage present on AC IN 2.  

Is there a parameter somewhere that I can use to tell it to NOT use AC2 unless it has actually commanded the generator to start?  

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    A time delay relay could be used for this purpose, one of the most versatile is the Omron
    It can be configured to do many things, just a suggestion, I've used them to solve many time delay requirements, both delay on and delay off.
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    You need the AGS or you need to manually go thru the steps. Spend some money, it is good for the economy ;)

    If you know how to program modbus anything is possible but that is not in very many peoples skill set.

    And, even if you do program AC2 to do what you want, it is not a good thing to be turning it off under load! Turning it on AC2 will soft start. The current coming in being interupted is not good. It is the reason so many grid and gen users ruin their input relays on Outback and Schneider inverter/chargers.
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