Epever MPPT Charge Controller.... No Gel Battery Equalize?

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Hello everyone. Made a quick video on Epever MPPT Charge Controller. While going through it I realized that Gel batteries do not have to be equalized. Is this true or should I worry that Epever does not have an equalize for Gel Batteries..? Hope someone can help.



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    In general, you do not do elevated voltage (i.e., charge 14.2 volts for GEL or 14.4 volts for AGM typical at room temperature) equalization voltage for GEL/AGM.

    Lead Acid EQ is typically ~16 volts or so.

    "EQ" for GEL and AGM is typically normal absorb voltage (14.2 or 14.4 volts) and held for 2-6 hours or so--That is the "sealed battery" EQ (very mild "over charging").

    Used to be thought that NEVER EQ sealed batteries.... Now, some folks believe 2-6 hours of "EQ" (at nominal charging voltage) every 6 months is better.

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    Huh....  Ok.  Good to know.  I'm opting for a Victron to help straighten this out.  I'm already thinking Epever to charge my batteries instead of my MPP Solar Hybrid rebranded inverter.  It has many shortfalls.  I knew equalization is high, but my MPP Solar will not achieve that.  I'm not sure my Epever will either, but I'll keep these specs and see if I can program it on USER.  My MPP Solar has limits on user (highest is 29.2V for a 24V setup).  For my 24V I charge at 29.2V as its' bulk charge.  It immediately drops when on Float.  It's Absorb will rise above the 29.2V...but it fluctuates.  It's why I'd rather have something programmable than use the MPP Solar charger built in.  Anyway...many thanks.
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    If you can increase the absorb time, to really get the cells gassing a couple times a month, that helps keep batteries healthy too

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    Remember that MetalFiber started the thread with EQ questions about GEL batteries.... In general (always?) you never want to "gas" them--Excessive gassing "wears out" the catalyst faster and can cause the batteries to vent. With some cell designs (typically US construction more than EU?) the gassing can cause bubbles/voids to form on the surface of the plates and reduce battery capacity (voids are supposed to be "unrecoverable).

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    Yes....there's no way to tell on this MPP Rebranded how long the absorb stage is.  At least mine has no way to program absorb.  In fact, there's no way to program Bulk, Absorb or Float...you can only program the voltage levels, but there's not a time parameter you can adjust.  I will be setting up my Epever to User and will try to program the parameters from there.  Unfortunately that means a seperate panel array.  Thanks again.
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