New 4400 mspae install not charging from gen

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well after two days wiring it was time, did functional test all voltages checked PV up but not tied in as its still snowing and 9degrees so wanted at least give her a run.  and did all came on (after pushng the inverter button) mc-arc lit up all fine lights power refridgerator for the first time in 4 months!!!!!!!!!!... I then noticed hmmm not charging re-checked voltages all fine generator 2000watt pure sine IQ running fine 120v both sides of terminal  yet the display shows no chg???  also meter screen for AC reads 0AC/in??? yet there is bypass the gen runs all as we have been doing pulling Ah from batteries but BMK shows  thinkin no SOC  ideas thnaks

SYS: MSpae 4400, mc-arc, NO AGS as manual gen start, 300Ah bank 48volt, solar array 285w mono's


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    Is this a 4448? (not 4400). This should be the correct manual:

    What is your AC in voltage (120 or 120/240...)? Measure between Hot1 and neutral and Hot2 and neutral on the input.

    What is the battery bank voltage?

    What is the shore power settings?
    Shore Max
    - This setting ensures the inverter AC loads receive the maximum current available
    from the utility or generator power. When the total current used to power the AC loads and charge
    the batteries begins to approach the Shore Max setting, the current that was used for charging
    the batteries will automatically be reduced

    Generally, for a 2000 Watt genset (what is the generator--Something like an EU2000i Honda or something else). The Honda is rated for 1,600 Watts max continuous... And I would suggest running a maximum continuous of 80% (battery charging at max current is hard on little gensets):
    • 1,600 Watt * 0.80 derating * 1/115 VAC = 11.13 Amps
    So the shore power should be set to ~10-11 amps max (as a starting point). The default is 60 amps (maximum).

    It is sometimes possible that the "Max Shore Current" is actually the breaker rating and the inverter will draw a maximum ~80% of the name plate rating (i.e, 60 amp breaker, draw 48 amps max continuous). Or for the above:
    • 10 amps suggested max current * 1/0.80 NEC derating = 12.5 Amps "breaker" + wiring rating
    I like to run wiring a bit heavier and limit loading on genset for a more reliable system... A 60 amp breaker will eventually trip at 60 amps (minutes to hours) and not trip ever at 48 amps (as an example of 80% NEC derating).

    If your Shore power is set for 60 amps maximum, the genset may not be able to supply enough current to start the inverter-charger charging. The 4448 will have a maximum of 17.5 Amps AC draw on charging (plus any AC loads then active). The Honda eu2000 inverter-generator will usually (almost) instantly shut down the AC output if too much current is taken (a "normal" genset may try to deliver the over maximum current for a few seconds at a reduce AC voltage output--But enough to get the inverter-charger "started").


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