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I have a new house with 6kw of panels and have a neighbor complaining about glare from the panels.  They are a little lower than me, 650ft distance, ESE.   They claim 2-3 hrs of glare.  I'm skeptical that it could last that long.  The problem only occurs in the evening in the summer.  I don't think I have to do anything about it but if there is a reasonable solution I'd be willing to consider it to keep the peace.   
Is there a tool out there to compute the reflection angle from sun to panel?   
Is glare typically only a problem with a low sun angle which results in more reflection from the glass?


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    Glare will tend to be more of a problem with a low angle.  Think of water.  At noon, the sun hits the water and goes straight back up.  Late in the day, the low angle makes the nice sunset we all love so much.  There are tools out there to estimate this.  Try the goog for solar azimuth and altitude for a start.

    As far as the neighbor goes, maybe figure out if a few trees might mitigate the issue without hurting your solar production too much?  Depending on your location and the configuration of the array, it may not last long.  I remember having an office in a building across the street from one of those mirror-like covered 30 storey towers, where for a week or so each spring/fall the sun would reflect in a really nasty way.  It didn't last long though, and I don't think it would go far if I had asked them to tear it down.
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