Refrigeration today is much cheaper.

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I have been off grid since 1983 and using gas frigs,  after my 12 year old gas frig got sick I looked at  the electric ones and was very surprised to find how efficient they are now.  The last frig I bought was in 1978 and it was a KW sucker and cost $400.  The LG I just got cost *809 on sale July, saving 100$. It is a energy Star Tier 1 and runs on less than a KW a day.  On top of that I converted the  1978 $ 400 to todays value and  found that the 78 frig would cost 1580 $ today, so  the new frig cost half of what the  1978 frig did.

We are very happy with my LG LTCS 2022 W.  Using a Belin watt meter and a Kilo Watt meter, I can report that it averages 36 watts per hour, this from a 20 day test, we removed the icemaker. The most it has used was when we had it on a number 4 notch to harden some very sugary ice cream, it used 1.15 KWH per day.  The freezer is fairly large and will make  10 pounds of ice per day if needed and maybe more..  The LED lights are well placed and the frig is well lit.  The door will hit your feet, it, and is very close to the floor.  They make good use of space.  It is almost silent in operation, Belkin watt meter inline and it made  5 steps in the power levels, 150/,225/300/450/ 700 watts then dropped to 77 watts where it stayed till chilled. amazing !

( The Belkin and Kilo watt meter  readings of  wattage are within 2 watts of each other )
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