Frame mount for solar panel

Just finished making a panel mount (1-305watt) on the roof of the trillium, turn out to be quit a project as I want to be able to tilt the panel to either side to better face the sun, and be able to handle the wind and all from trucks passing in the opposite direction on 2 lane roads. I will post some photos of the mounts and panel frame with bars to tilt the panels. I went and bought a brand name flux wire welder (Chicago Electric)lol as I didn't want to gas or stick weld everything as a wire welder is just faster and easier. Turns out that the welder works ok and will use it on lots of projects because of its size and portability being only 110vac, just can't do heavy metal with it. 

Waiting on the cc Tristar MPPT 45 and remote meter, fuses (panel to cc, cc to battery, cc to load, battery to inverter), heavy gauge battery cable and lugs, and battery (Trojan 12v T-1275) to start wiring everything up. 
Triex U305   305watt   57.5Vmp  5.32Imp


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    You will want some of those fuses to be circuit breakers and not just fuses as they afford a convenient disconnect point to isolate your batteries and panels if you need to.
    You can use fuses but then there is a need for switches as well.
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