Newbie: WEEB grounding nuts

Hi All!

I'm a DIY'er with a little too much enthusiasm and too little competency.
I've put up 12 panels on a wood frame using a rail kit from (I think) Unirac and am at the last stage: grounding the array.
I was sent 4 WEEB nuts but I am not convinced they will provide adequate grounding. I'd like to ground the panels together, and then ground a couple panels to rails and ground the rails to my ground rod.

Does this make sense ?
Photos provided to show what I have. The electronics are SolarEdge optimizers that are bolted on to PV frames. I'd also like opinions whether that is enough or if I should have WEEBs digging into the frames.




  • westbranchwestbranch Posts: 5,090Solar Expert ✭✭✭✭
    should have WEEBs digging into the frames.
    AFAIK That is the way they are supposed to be installed, so they penetrate the coating on the frame and contact the metal solidly...
    see para 3

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