Humor: Solar Powered Raccoon

Steven LakeSteven Lake Posts: 395Solar Expert ✭✭
Humorous solar power story for you guys. A farmer some years ago installed a solar power system in one of his barns in an effort to reduce energy costs and save him some money. However, two weeks after it was installed the system failed catastrophically which in turn led to his milking barn burning down. So when he reported it to the insurance company, they asked him what happened. So he described it like this.
"I went out to the barn in the morning to milk the cows and accidentally flushed out a raccoon. In the process of him trying to escape he fled across the battery bank and unfortunately contacted two of the battery posts. This caused a feedback in the system that blew out both the inverter and charge controller, sending them out the parlor window and front door respectively after which the still electrocuting raccoon caught fire and then fell into a nearby pile of hay which burst into flames and unfortunately set the barn on fire, which in turn burned to the ground."
When asked to provide proof of this claim the farmer showed them a picture of the burned up, electrocuted raccoon holding two battery posts in its hands, one in each paw. There were no further questions from the insurance company. :P

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