Xantrex XS400 Inverter Problem

This inverter is installed in our 2006 Lazy Daze motorhome and was installed by the factory. It runs one outlet located in the over the cab entertainment center. The inverter is located under the refrigerator mounted on top of the battery box. House batteries are two Trojan T145 6v. We have a remote switch in the entertainment center to it off/on.

Yesterday after running the generator I found that the GFCI outlet built into the inverter had tripped. No sign of water problems in the area. Resetting the switch did not get power. I turned on the generator again and saw power come on at the entertainment center only to hear the GFCI trip again and shut the power off within 10 seconds. I reset the outlet while the generator was on and got power to the EC outlet and it continues to work without the generator running.

This inverter has a built-in bypass and a power cord. When you are plugged into a power pedestal or turn on the generator you get AC power at the EC outlet bypassing the inverter.

Does anyone have any ideas on why the GFCI is tripping? Even though it has never been used I assume it could just be failing. Also, since I don't really see a need for it to be plugged into power I unplugged it and will use the inverter to power the outlet.


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    jcgc said:
    Does anyone have any ideas on why the GFCI is tripping?
    I'd go with Occam's Razor and assume that there is a ground fault.  Disconnect everything and measure resistance between ground, neutral and hot downstream of the GFCI.  Note, however, that some ground faults do not present unless there is voltage present.  (Bad surge suppressor for example)
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    Occam's razor seems appropriate. Lots of vibration on an RV so most likely is a connection working loose. The fridge compressor might even be a source of vibration depending on mounting/structure.
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