Need help on wind power curve settings

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 I have a hye 3000 watt 220 volt wind turbine with a ginlong 5 kw hybrid grid tie inverter. I got a power curve setting from hye energy put it into the inverter and the wind turbine would not produce over 90 watts in a 12 mph windy day. First setting on inverter is 70 volts=120 watts. The wind turbine acts as if the setting is to high and the blades move very slow. Can anyone help me with the problem?


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    I guess this is the turbine and Inverter?:

    I am sorry, i do not know how to program these guys... You are correct, if your turbine does not get up to proper RPM, the blades will stall at low speeds and not give you good output power.

    One question. How high is your tower/pole mount? Too low, or too near to buildings/trees will make the turbine fly in turbulent air--And it is impossible to get rated power from turbulent airflow.


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    By the way, if we cannot help you on this forum (in general, we have more solar/conservation folks--Not too many with wind experience), here are a couple others to try:
    Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Thanks Bill will check out links.
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    Hi , I have the same problem as the person above . I have a 3kw , 220 volt , ouyad wind turbine , i bought a 5 kw ginlong grit tied inverter
    I do not have any power curve data at all to programm into the inverter , can somebody  please help me
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    Two problems identical sounds like a design flaw.   3 phase A/C works in unison to produce the results.   Sounds like only one phase is working.  That way, it's like a 3 toed wheel and power  is severely compromised.    Never trusted D/C motors.  Sounds like you're both out $$$$.   :/
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