Running a sprinkler pump

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I am looking at running a 1HP sprinkler pump off of solar power. I am currently using a Flotec FP5162. I am wondering how many solar panels I would need to run this, and approximate price. I normally run it about 1 day a week and for the whole day. I also normally only run it while the sun is up. I am trying to see if it would be worth investing in solar for the pump, or if it is just cheaper to keep running it off my house electricity.



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    Re: Running a sprinkler pump

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    Without even doing the math I can tell you there is a greater than 95% probability that running off your household power is the cheaper option.

    1 HP is not an exact electrical power rating. Technically it's 746 Watts, but I've got a 1 HP pump that draws 1200 Watts running. The short math is even at $1 per Watt for inexpensive panels (not including inverter and associated components) you'll be investing quite a lot to run a pump for one day a week. The rest of the time your investment sits there returning nothing.

    Other options: look for a different pump that meets your needs with lower power demand; invest in a grid-tie solar power system that will offset your power demands whenever the sun shines (you need to find out what your local utility's policies are on this).
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