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I have bought a few panels, moved some around, bought a rectifier for my air x, all is well.

at 1kW+ right now, I have a EKM meter hooked up right after my Grid Tie [1200 large sized model , runs a lot better and cooler than the 1000 small scale one I started with] any way the EKM indicated an averege of .850 kW - 1.4 kW per day weekly read. So Good
I have a xantrex c-35 hooked up in diversion with 800 watts ceramics.
my xantrex c-35 charge controller just melted down coldly.
I recently added 235 watts and changed system Ground.[annode]
Should I replace it with like amp rating or increase. I am thinking of ts-45 or ts-60.
I plan to buy 1-3 more 235 watt 24 volt panels in 1-8 months time from now.
I am pretty much on schedule from my plans as expressed to you all before?

Is a TS-45 enough?
my readings max at 85 amps/ 17 volts
all connections consolidated
see pics


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    Re: Thomas Array

    yes i see the scorch marks in the c35. if you are diverting 85a then none of the standard pwm ccs will handle it without splitting up the loads to bring it in line to have more than 1 cc do the job. there isn't much sense going with an mppt to use as a diversion controller. largest pwm cc i know of is the c60.
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    Re: Thomas Array

    the analog amp meter I have connected to the neg side of my solar input waxes up to 85 every 10 days or so, mostly is hovers at about 40-50 A.
    the cc was not even hot! I thought I would take the opportunity to maybe get some data logging software with a replacement if that is even feasible.
    I still have a c-35 attached as a diversion, from air-x hopes. I have it set at a point where it diverts at like 15v to keep line voltage at 15v for inverting and kinda charges the batteries. The batteries overnight at 13+volts. If a diversion load controller can pwm some to condition/care for batt state, do I even need a pwm charger full time? I read somewhere that combining pwm and inverter makes for pure sine? The grid tie I have is already pure sine.
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    Re: Thomas Array

    There has been some small misunderstanding.
    The charger pictured was in charge control configuration-function.
    The diversion load controller is still working.
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    Re: Thomas Array

    well it still needs to handle the level of current being put to it. if it's 85a then a couple 60a mppt ccs or a single classic 150 should work. if splitting it between 2 controllers the input of the 2 ccs cannot be shared.
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    Re: Thomas Array

    I do not know, or pretend to know why this worked OR quit.
    When I originally separated the two and applied one to diversion the amp load was smaller.
    With the inverter coming on at 15v, and the diversion load controller limiting this line voltage, diverting at higher voltage necessarily every day.[array 24v]
    i.e. array output is 75 amps at 15 volts. inverter is passing up to 1200watts at 15 volts or 80A.
    Might the cc only be 'feeling' the difference after grid tie consumption?
    [not diversion controller,its busy keeping line at 15...if the inverter goes of the diversion starts immediately]
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    Re: Thomas Array

    conclude to myself!
    that I was not using any resistive loads,other than daily dumping at +15v, I do not know what happened. may be just too much change.... I think I will try and replace with like tpye/kind.
    and an increase in isc handling capacity.
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