Help with wire gauge required.

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I will soon be installing a new "house battery" in my camper van and wanted to make sure I use the correct gauge wire.

There is currently a 4 AWG wire tapped into the middle of the positive cable from the battery to the starter which is tied to the current house battery with a manually switched solenoid.

I want to move the batteries to a location under the van (I will have a remote temp sensor set up for the battery/charge controller) and wantt o make sure I use large enough wire, the run, one way from the current tie in to the positive cable, will be 10', I have a 150 amp alternator, according to this chart, I will only need 8 AWG wire which seems quite small, I do have enough 4 AWG around which I think should be enough but just wanted to make sure before I plan on using it. I will be able to ground the battery to the chassis right next to the battery.

Will the 4 AWG be fine for my application?

TIA, Jack


  • jackbombayjackbombay Solar Expert Posts: 46
    Re: Help with wire gauge required.

    For all of you on the edge of your seat, I went with 4 gauge wire.
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    Re: Help with wire gauge required.

    very sorry nobody chimed in to answer your concerns. #4 will probably work if you don't send 150a through it. any voltage drop calculator will show that high current like that through 20ft of #4 will have more sizable voltage drops and would to a point limit the ability to charge the battery. 20ft total #4 wire with 150a through it will have almost a volt being dropped.
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