Combiner Box Questions

Hello- I have a few questions about wiring an outback combiner box. I plan on running three #10 AWG "sunlight resistant" wires from the panels down the roof and around the fascia to a combiner box mounted under the eave. Should I place the wire in conduit to get around the edge of the roof to the box or just secure the wiring together and to the house? What type of conduit is usually used for the run from combiner box to powercenter? I assume not to use metallic. My last question deals with battery wiring and if washers are commonly used under the nuts to help hold battery cables in place? Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Re: Combiner Box Questions

    If the wire is rated for outdoor use(sunlight, wet, etc.) than I don't think you need conduit unless it's subject to physical damage conditions. It's probably not a bad idea to use some Sealtite-type flex conduit. Make sure it's Listed for outdoor use and use the appropriate fittings, etc. I'm no electrician so this advice is worth what you're paying for it!
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    Re: Combiner Box Questions

    EMT is fine, but rigid PVC conduit is easier. I don't recommend having high voltage DC wires out in harms way. Poke your conduit through the eave to make it look slick.
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