Solar Power International visit

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I should be in Dallas in a few hours for a trip to Solar Power International. I'm hoping to spend a fair amount of time at the OutBack booth, as well as getting some meeting time in with various vendors. One project is meeting anyone from NAWS to discuss product distribution -- the PentaMetric version of our product is coming along well, and I'm hoping to have a pre-configured SMA version for folks who want to avoid a WebBox. And of course, we still have the OutBack versions.

If you'd like to meet up, please send me a PM and I hope to be able to check my PMs and respond. If you'd like to play "Spot Julie!", I'm wearing a black Solar Community polo shirt (Solar Community is a local Austin installer which is one of my clients) and jeans. I'm also tall. That's usually what helps with the "Spot Julie!" competition.
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