Mixed panels

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It looks like my Kyocera 210w panels have been discontinued. I got the first ones from naws, but only a couple of places still show to have them. Please help me decide what to do.

Do I order another three panels from wherever I can find them so that I have 6 matched panels? If I do that I could just build another complete system later on.

Do I just find the closest match to the specs of my panels and hope that those don't get discontinued for the next 6months? In a couple of years time I would have quite the hodgepodge of panels.

Do I just not get anymore panels until I have saved enough money to get a pallet of whatever the current good panel is?

I am kind of leaning towards the 3 more of the same panel. That would give me 1200watts of panel and I could get going on a 12v system.

I could then save up enough money to later build a 24v system. I have the classic 150 in a box in my house, but I am thinking that I may want to take a step back and start more simply with a Rogue.

I know, I know, lots of questions that will lead to more options, but please let me know what you think.


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    Re: Mixed panels

    Just to be clear, I have read all over about how i need tokeep the panels as close as possible in specs if I do some mixing.
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    Re: Mixed panels

    More or less, adding in series--Try to keep Imp within 10% between high and low panels.

    When adding in parallel, try to keep panel Vmp within 10%...

    If you can match those levels--you will still get good power out of your array.
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    Re: Mixed panels

    Just checked the N AZ site, and they list the Kyo 215, specs look to be very close. And not a bad price either. Will look @ each Data Sheet to be sure.

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    Re: Mixed panels

    as vic pointed out the 215s are close and you can go with them.
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    Re: Mixed panels

    I didn't see the 215s the last time I was checking, don't know how I missed them. They are the same size exactly. They seem to be within 10%. If you guys don't see anything wrong, I am going to order three of them to go with my 3 210s.
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    Re: Mixed panels

    The differences I see are all very small.
    Vmpp .1 diff
    Impp .15 diff
    Voc .1 diff
    Isc .2 diff
    All well within the 10% guidelines. I'm going to order some panels!
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